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Strategic Management
With modern technologies and innovative business models to diverse sales channels

With the online media influence growth on marketing and sales, the number of digital sales channels and the diversity of sales models are increasing. Moreover, traditional sales channels are also changing and adapting their business models to digital trends. Integrations and connections are made also among individual software[...]

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Collaborative Business Relationship Management and ISO 44001

Recently, the ISO 44001:2017 standard has been adopted with the title Collaborative business relationship management systems - Requirements and framework related to business partnerships and collaborative forms of business, which are of great importance in modern business. There are many formal and informal types of business partnerships and collaborative business[...]

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Systematic Partnership with Collaboration Strategies and Building Collective Intelligence

Advanced levels of partnership and collaboration require consideration as regards the potential of collective intelligence. One of the predispositions for building collective intelligence is a systematically prepared multilevel partnership and collaboration strategy, which among other things determines the potential of individuals, companies and organisations in an individual network[...]

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April 11, 2020
Business ecosystems in response to the interplay of business relationships and processes

Collaborative business models represent a big strategic challenge for any business. Relations with suppliers, subcontractors and freelancers, sales network, customers, followers on online social networks or even with external innovators are becoming very complex. In recent years, internal and relatively independent business functions have become intertwined with the[...]

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April 10, 2020
Development Challenges in Networking/Partnering/Clustering Management

My path through university and career has brought me to the development of information systems and related organizational aspects, the development of business support services at national or governmental, European and international level, international and business support network’s management, all the way to the consulting services in my[...]

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A great variety of collaborative and partnership models

Companies face the issue or search for suitable ways to reach their goals, strategies and visions on a daily basis. Collaborative business models and networking/partnering/clustering approaches are without a doubt one of the strategies that can be used in various cases for various purposes. However, a company usually does[...]

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